A Young Knights Steed (Rockin’ Rocking Horse)


A Young Knights Steed (Rockin’ Rocking Horse)

Forget fuel powered automobiles, with current petrol prices, who needs them?

Convert to this environmentally friendly Rocking Horse option as your child’s new favourite mode of inter-room transport. This quality product comes with a widened bottom plate for some smooth rocking action, and can be detached to engage the Steed’s wheel system. Equipped as well with extra options like a handle (so the King and Queen can keep their knight in check).

Have a high energy child or grand-child? Then this is the winner. Rocking horses are a classic play option for a reason, their timeless place in play history remains, as do the virtues and morals that accompany any honourable knight or princess. Part of the Legends Of Play Collection. Suitable for 6months to 2 years old.

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