‘Squid Game’ Mega Arena 22 Panel Legends of Play Time Playpen

22 Panel Foldable Adjustible Playpen Set: ‘Sea World’

No need to spend over a thousand dollars for a playpen. Our 22 Panel Playpen Set: ‘Sea World’ is a great guardian to your child’s play time, featuring external door lock and adjustable shape to ensure safety and convenience fitting into any room shape you like.

It’s a must-have for any of you mums who’s raising a crawling baby that’s just about to start walking, who’s taking their first steps, or a toddler. With this playpen, you can rest assured there’s a safe space for your kid to play in while you can work, relax, and look after yourself.

Material: Smooth Edge Child-Safe Plastic Material

Size: 216cm x 216cm x 64cm


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