Inflatable Outdoor Beach Chair

Material: Parachute nylon
Process: 400 degree high temperature hot melt adhesive, TPR waterproof coating to enhance air tightness.


Super convenient: no need for an air pump, directly inject air, no need to run, ladies can inflate quickly in 5 seconds.

Ultra-comfortable: According to the “ergonomic” curve design, the human body is evenly supported to realize the close integration of the sofa and the human body, and the ride is more comfortable. Relax the body more thoroughly, using the principle of aerodynamics, the experience is like clouds and water.

Super stable: The bottom of the sofa is designed into a concave shape to ensure that the seat is stable and does not roll over.

Super fine: single-layer aerial parachute nylon material, super fastness, tear-proof, waterproof, smooth and delicate skin touch, good fit.

Super practical: multi-scenario and all-terrain use, whether you are on the beach, swimming pool, camping, bedroom, living room, office, garden, park, etc., inflatable recliner is your fashionable choice.

Super air tightness: 400 degrees high temperature hot melt adhesive at the splicing of the bag body plate, secondary reinforcement, TPR waterproof coating on the inner wall of the bag, strong waterproof performance, long-term use without air leakage.