100% Genuine Sheepskin Chair Rug

100% Genuine Australian Sheepskin Chair Rug

Seal packed and shipped from factory. Please store the product in natural ventilated environment. Fold wrinkle or fur depression may be visible due to the delivery process. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner to clean it and then shake it as soon as you get your delivery. Dry clean only.

Real Aussie Sheepskin Rugs

100% Authentic Australian Sheepskin Rugs

Turn your cold floor pain, into furry plushy awesomeness with our Authentic Aussie Sheepskin Rugs. Great for adding class to any part of your house. Available in 8 colours and 4 different sizes. The best find on the internet. Forget paying ridiculous prices that top end homeware stores charge for these rugs. We have found the very same suppliers that all the top brands in Australia use, and we’re passing these savings on to you, our most epic customers.

Our 100% natural sheepskin is processed using only safe and environmentally friendly tanning techniques. Can be dry cleaned. Every rug is professionally tanned with 12 steps.

Sheepskin-Rugs_A Sheepskin-Rugs_B Sheepskin-Rugs_C

We do not alter the shape of the rugs as we believe in the genuine look of sheepskin. Sheepskin is a natural product and therefore the rug may have some variations in colour and texture. We try to provide best quality for an affordable price using only the finest selected pelts.

Our rugs can be used as luxurious floor coverings, throws or draped on seats/chairs. Our natural, soft and silky fur will be a great accent in any home.